License of Vuesax

Check the licenses to be able to use vuesax in your projects

Vuesax Framework License

Open Source

Vuesax v4 is Open Source and has the GPLv3 license, you can use vuesax in your open source projects that have the same GPLv3 license

Personal or Commercial Project

If you want to use vuesax in personal or commercial projects other than (Saas / OEM) you can do it without any problem. If you run a business and you are using Vuesax in a project or page that generates income, it makes commercial sense to sponsor the development of Vuesax

SaaS / OEM

If you want to include Vuesax in downloadable or installable products such as Wordpress themes, HTML templates, as part of a commercial interface creator, SDK or toolkit, choose the commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM licenses are customized for each customer.

License Comparison

Type of license Open source Commercial Project SaaS / OEM
All Components
All functions
Discord support
Use of documentation
Use the name Vuesax
Number of servers and sites. unlimited unlimited Contact Us
Premium support. Contact Us
Downloadable software. Contact Us
Distribution rights (SaaS / OEM). Contact Us

Got Questions? Check the FAQs

  • Why I change the license to GPLv3 license

    Vuesax is an open source project and initially had the MIT license for reasons of inconvenience with a company that used our name and components to earn money at our expense we decided to change the license and terms when using vuesax for such projects

  • I have a project with vuesax v3

    No problem vuesax v3 has the MIT license and can use me in any project, if you want to use vuesax v4 or higher if you apply the new licenses

  • I have to pay to use vuesax

    No, Vuesax can be used for all types of 100% free projects, except for projects (SaaS, OEM) that you would have to contact us in order to use vuesax

  • I need premium support

    We do not give premium support unless you sponsor vuesax or contact us for a support agreement

  • Updates

    You can have access to all Vuesax updates, with the exception of the projects (SaaS, OEM) that you would have to contact us in order to use vuesax and its future updates

  • I can use Vuesax documents

    If your project is open source you can use the documents without problem, contact us to use the documents in commercial projects or (SaaS, OEM)

  • My project is not (SaaS, OEM)

    You can use vuesax in its entirety without problem and with complete confidence

  • How can I contact Vuesax?

    You can contact us by mail at or through our website Lusaxweb

  • I can use the name Vuesax

    No, the name Vuesax is reserved for us and our future projects.

  • How do I sponsor Vuesax

    You can sponsor vuesax through either Patreon , Opencollective or visit our sponsorship page to see other options such as Paypal or Btc for non-recurring sponsorship

  • I want to make a project with the creators of Vuesax

    Vuesax is created by the brothers luis daniel rovira contreras and Manuel Rovira Contreras co-founders of Lusaxweb contact us if you need to make a custom project

  • I can use the Vuesax source code

    If your project is open source and you will have the same vuesax license you can do it but if it is a commercial project or (SaaS / OEM) you cannot use the Vuesax source code