# Colors

# Default Colors

Vuesax has the main colors that are maintained throughout the application to facilitate change and effective operation

Los colores principales se pueden cambiar y personalizar al gusto de cada desarrollador para una aplicación mas personalizada

Default colors:

  • primary
  • success
  • danger
  • warn
  • dark

# Customize Theme Colors

You can change the colors as you want and at any time, vuesax uses native css variables which means you can access them and change them whenever you want

equal vuesax gives you several ways to change the main colors either by css or javascript

# javascript

  Vue.use(Vuesax, {
    colors: {
      success:'rgb(23, 201, 100)',
      danger:'rgb(242, 19, 93)',
      warning:'rgb(255, 130, 0)',
      dark:'rgb(36, 33, 69)'

# css

You can change the vuesax variables by means of css like any other css variable

HEX Format Numbers Only

It is important that the colors are in HEX format and only the numerical value for example: rgb (255,100.50) is equivalent to 255,100.50

  :root {
    --vs-primary: 91, 60, 196
    --vs-success: 23, 201, 100
    --vs-danger: 242, 19, 93
    --vs-warn: 254, 130, 0
    --vs-dark: 36, 33, 69

# VS Function

You can change the main colors at any point of your application but only on the client side with the existence of the document object with the function of vuesax$ vs. setColor

You can only use this function when you can obtain the document object, for example it cannot be used in the created () of vuejs since the document and the elements are not yet rendered

    export default {
      mounted() {
        this.$vs.setColor('primary', '#000')

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